Project #2
Web 2/0 Tool: Photo Peach
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Copyright Discussion – Can you just take and use whatever images you wish from the web? What is intellectual property? What images are okay to take? When you post something that is yours should you copyright it?

Digital footprint discussion- when we post something online it is there for a global audience to see for always. How careful should we be and in what way?

Copyright Free Images Portal

Photopeach Project Objectives:
  • Students will create a folder on the desktop and save images to that folder for the project
  • Students will open google search engine, research and save 30 images that reflect them personally
  • Students will logon on and upload images into Photo Peach – a web 2.0 too – then create a slideshow
  • Students will set the sequence, transitions, write captions set a cover page, set to music and publish the slideshow
  • Students will take the embed code and post it to their websites
  • Students will review each others’ work and write appropriate comments
  • Students will assess themselves on the project with a checklist 1-4
  • Students will understand copyright rules of images
  • Students will understand when they post they leave a permanent digital footprint

Ms. Karen Intro on PhotoPeach

Photopeach Project – create a video slideshow that reflects you - follow handout step by step instructions
  • Collecting images relevant to each of you – when we view your slideshow we should know more about you.
  • Upload your images and background image
  • Set to music
  • Add titles / captions / cover slide
  • Before you publish ask yourself the question: What does this say about you? What did you want this to say about you? Edit accordingly until it is just the way you want it.
  • Ms Karen will review each for appropriateness

Click here for Photo Peach Project instructions and links

Explanation of how the internet operates - searching strategies
  • If you use the analogy of a shopping mall, the internet and how it operates is easier to understand and manipulate. Consider the internet as a massive shopping mall. your ISP gets you to the mall doors
  • Your browser (explorer, safari, firefox, etc.) is the taxi that takes you to the mall – that is ALL it does is get you there.
  • Your search engine (google, bing, yahoo, kidsclick, IPL, Yahooligans, KidsKonect, etc.) are your personal shoppers. You tell them what you want and they take you to the most likely spot to find it as they regularly cruise the mall and keep track of what is where.
  • Your keywords are what drive the search engines. The more specific you are the better match you will find.
  • Google, is a search engine, it regularly sends our robotic spiders to index the world wide web. They keep track of all the words on all the pages out there. When you ask for a word, they return to you EVERY page that has THAT word on it. It will not keep words together unless you use quotation marks. John Adams is a different search than “John Adams” as is “President John Adams”. The spiders DO NOT know the difference between cowboys and Dallas cowboys. It only compares the word you asked for and the words on the pages. Consider other words when you search as well – guns will return different pages than firearms.
  • It is like asking a personal shopper or sales person for a bathing suit. You will get EVERY bathing suit in the mall – men’s, women’s, dog’s, EVERYTHING – billions of them.
  • If instead you asked for a yellow women’s bikini with flowers and tie straps size 8 you would still have a lot to try on, but the chances of getting something you want is far greater.
  • Otherwise you will have to sift the billions of choices most of which have nothing to do with what you are looking for.
  • Remember, there are filter on the sidebars to consider using as well !! Happy searching !
  • Google more tools for images - check these out !!