Ms. Karen Intro on PhotoPeach
Sample Photo Peach

Web 2/0 Tool: Photo Peach

Description: You will create a slideshow to introduce yourself, your likes, and your interests to the class.
Part 1

1. Go to the desktop and make sure there is a folder with your name on it to place images into
2. Open Safari and go to and select the images tab
3. think carefully about the search terms so you can find what you are looking for
4. use the navigational box on the left to narrow your search by type—fine line, icon, photo, etc.
5. When you find an image you like double click on it—go to full size imagedrag it over onto the desktop (not all work) and place it into your folder
6. Collect 25-30 photos that tell us about you and your interests (they need to be appropriate) sports teams, favorite foods, books, movies, music, hobbies, ideas, beliefs, family, sports, whatever represents you.
7. When your collection is to your satisfaction—let me see it and explain your thought process to me and how these images are reflective of you

Part 2
1. GO to and sign in username: gsota password:
2. Upload your photos
3. Arrange your slide show
5. Set the music
6. Preview it and see what you think
Add captions that might offer explanations
7. Peer review it with a friend who is also done
8. Edit accordingly
9. When you are happy with the final product—see me for approval then publish
10. Take the embed code and put the video into your portfolio

  • Students will go online and research and save images that relate to them
  • Students will create a folder on the desktop to save those images
  • Students will upload images into photo peach—web 2.0 tool and create a slideshow
  • Students will set the transitions and music and publish a complete slideshow

Web 2/0 Tool: Photo Peach