You will be creating your own video game for your classmates to play. Sign in and follow the quest - you will collect game components (parts) along the way and then use them to complete your own game ! All games will be posted so we can share.

Log on using this link:

Gamestar Mechanic First Login ONLY
Select the I don't have a gamestar account box on the right side please
Create a user name - First name please so I can track - or a variation if already taken ie: Julius 24
Please use your ID# for your password
Follow the screen prompts until you begin

*after your account is set up under mine THEN use THIS LINK to LOG INto Gamestar

Target Objectives:
I can...**
  • register under my teacher's account
  • be self directed and follow the pathways under the quest
  • do each quest and collect game pieces
  • define the game components
  • build my own game
  • get and email the embed to Ms. Karen to post my game for all to play
Sample from 8th Grade Julius