Web 1.0 is considered the static web. A website that offers you only what you can read - no interactivity. Web 2.0 is the interactive or creative web. You go to a website and use it to create something or work with someone differently. Example - Wordle, Tagxedo, Photopeach are all web 2.0 tools.

In this assignment students are going to explore several Web 2.0 tools, select one that particularly interests them, clear it with the teacher, then research and explore it well so they can then present it to the class.
Cool Web 2.0 Tools Resource Link
Web 2.0 for the classroom Link
Ms. Karen's Symbaloo Resource Link Page for other ideas

Learning Targets
I can....
  • define what a web 2.0 application is
  • explore a variety of tools and select one that interests me
  • create a free account and log in (or free trial) - nothing that costs
  • discover the purpose and use
  • learn to navigate the toolbars
  • create a product sample
  • share the tool with my classmates via a presentation
  • teach my classmates how to use this tool
  • determine the cost, if any, of the tool and determine the value of purchasing a subscription

Assignment Detailed Sheet to turn in....handed out in class
Exporing Web 2.o Applications

Your Name: Grade_

Tool Name:

Tool website _

Expectation of items in presentation:

1) Purpose: What does the site do? Why would you use it?

2) How to use it - Teach us how to navigate the toolbars and create something

3) How do we share what we made? Is there a way to save or print or export the item?

4) Please show us a sample of the project item

5) Cost: Is this a free version? Is there a cost/subscription version? I so what is the price?
Are there extra features in the full version? What are they?

6) Opinion:
Would you recommend this tool to others ? Why or why not?

Please complete the sentence below.
I selected this site becauseā€¦..

Turn in this sheet during presentation for grading. You may use another sheet to fill in answers.
Presentation criteria - Assessment - possible 10 points - to be completed by Ms. Karen
0 1 2 Student has clearly researched and knows the tool well
0 1 2 Student has a clear understanding of what the tool does
0 1 2 Student has a clear understanding of how to navigate the toolbars
0 1 2 Students spoke clearly, loudly and looked at the audience during the presentation
0 1 2 Student showed a sample of the product they created earlier

+1 +2 +3 Extra points : student picked a particularly complicated tool/application
Total Points /10