Digital Storybook Project using

Storybird Project Objectives - Student will....
  • explore illustrator options and select one they think they can create a story with
  • create a story map considering the image options available to them within their selected illustrator
  • create a story with 8-15 slides that contains characters, setting, plot, problem and solution
  • correct all spelling and grammar issues
  • peer review each other's stories and determine what they would like to have heard more about
  • edit, finish and publish their storybird digital books
  • comment online appropriately on each other's digital books
  • assess themselves with rubric provided
  • have their digital book posted online to share with family and friends
  • take home a printed color copy to give as a gift




  • Go to
  • Login with the cards given - change your first time activation password to your ID# please
  • Review some complete and featured storybirds to get a feel for the product possibilities
  • Please follow the handouts for explicit directions
  • go to STUDIO and then Assignments - Select the Assignment there for you and click DO to access the art
  • Review the artists - click to see the choices to consider more choices
  • See story starters ideas handout
  • select an illustrator whose work you like and think you might create a story around
  • Think about your storymap - and the direction you might take your story - outline it on the stormy offered
  • Remember to include Who, What, When, Where, - details, adjectives, create a picture for the reader
  • Add the pages, them drag in the images - brainstorm first to get story ideas
  • connect the story and sequence -see rubric for requirements
  • save often, then save and close and LOGOUT under YOU in the upper left corner when you are done with your drafts
  • "jump" back in to edit and revise - Take your sentences to the next level by improving your vocabulary and word choices
  • Use a peer review meeting/card to get ideas on improving your story
  • edit until it is perfect
  • review with Ms. Karen
  • Publish
  • Self assess with rubric and Ms. Karen

If you need any extra copy of the rubric or instruction handout - click on the PDF below !
Instruction handout: