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Digital Literacy is the ability to use information and communication technologies to find, evaluate, create, and communicate information, requiring both cognitive and technical skill.

This class is a combination of technology skills training as well as an overview of visual, digital, and media literacy. What is out there, how to use it, how to manage and evaluate the information that comes to us throughout the day, keyboarding, and Google Tools for documents, etc. This class will meet daily and is designed around 21st century skills. Class time will be divided between creating an e-portfolio, digital learning skills, coding, keyboarding, mentorship, maker movement, website design and much more. Please see project matrix below for projects which will be adapted to grade abilities. The intention is to offer students creative ways to use their technology skills in a relevant task that they will enjoy while they discover along the way.
Academic Standards - Please see side navigation bar to the right

Course Objectives - Students will:

understand cyber bullying and internet safety topics
•acquire creation skills using web 2.0 tools by designing and publishing projects
•create and present their digital portfolios to fellow students and school community
• know the essential questions to ask when they encounter media information for evaluation
• explain the concept of a digital footprint and appropriate online behavior
•understand basic computer components, systems and vocabulary
•acquire basic keyboarding and navigational skills
•communicate digitally via posting, commenting and school email accounts
•evaluate websites for quality and usefulness
•use various search strategies for locating websites and images
•collaborate with Google Docs and be proficient with Google Tools
explore basic age/skill appropriate coding tools
explore game design
•mentor younger students and assist elementary teachers in using technology

Class Norms/Expectations
  • Respect each other, each other’s ideas and comments
  • Come on time, prepared to work and participate
  • Be present and stay seated
  • Manage your own time and work
  • Work together – collaborate/cooperate when directed to do so
  • Stay on relevant websites only
  • Use good citizenship rules for online behavior
  • Edit only your own digital portfolios pages/projects
  • Ask for help after you have tried to solve your own problems
  • Assist each other, if requested, by showing how NOT by doing for
  • Raise your hand for teacher attention or use red cups to indicate need for assistance
  • Comments on projects are only of a constructive nature
  • Follow school internet policies
  • Ask to leave for restroom/drink
  • Sign out of accounts and log off computers when class is over
  • Fill out self assessment forms for each objective and project
The links below will become active as projects are assigned...
Project 1
Click Here for Week 1
How the internet works
Technology - What does it mean?
Digital Literacy - Why is it important?
Word Cloud generators - analysis tool for text /meaningful connection between shape and text

Tech Survey please fill out the first week

Project 2
Photo peach Slideshow Project introducing your self with images, music and captions
copyright & fair use - intellectual property

Google search Tools extras
Done? Please go to :
Typing Web Username is your ID# Password is your first name (official) Username is your ID# Password is sota2015

Quiz One - Closed

Project 3
Self Assessment forms for Wordles & Slideshows
Online commenting - Videos reviews
Avatar Creator for Google apps

Google Apps- email, forms, slideshow, drive, sites
Learn email details

Google Docs cheat sheet

Sample Shared Slideshow Google Slides- closed
6B Grade Blank Show Invite- editing closed - posted on student work
6A Grade Blank Show Invite-editing closed - posted on student work
7th Grade Blank Show Invite-editing closed - posted on student work
8th Grade Blank Show Invite-editing closed - posted on student work
Evaluations of Google Slide

Exploring Web 2.0 Assignment Link - Presentations due next week-confirm Friday

Quiz #2 & #3 combined - closed

Digital Bookmarks - Symbaloo Project

Jupiter Ed Interface review - student led
Photo Manipulation Exercise in manipulating images - important for you to see how models and celebrity photos are altered

Digital Footprint discussion
Adobe Elements
Ad Project analyze media advertisements and create a print ad
**TV Commercial Project**- review current PSA campaigns and create a PSA video

QUIZ #4 - closed
Gamestar Mechanic Project - video Game Creation Project

Digital Story Project Create a digital storybird storybook we will post and print !


Dream House Project - create a one story dream house


8B - Website Design Social Studies Project - 8b Class Only

Using your period of study from History class - create a website

Google Earth Project - explore our planet

TYNKER learn to code software


Animoto Project for Ms. West - Fiction Book Trailers