Animoto Booktrailer Project


Students will
  • determine which book they want to create a trailer for
  • write 8-10 text slides statements in question format - brief - limit to number of words
  • write keywords for each text slide for gathering images
  • create a new folder on the desktop and save images to that folder for the project
  • open Google search engine, research and save 15 images or more that coincide with their text slides along with background slides for text
  • logon on and upload images into Animoto– a web 2.0 tool – then create a slideshow
  • set the sequence, transitions, write text slides, set to music and publish the slideshow
  • take the embed code, email it to their teacher to post online

Animoto website:

This is another web 2.0 tool to use for creating slideshows. It is different from photopeach in that it has automatic transitions that are animated, can contain more images and has more music options. It does not allow for captions, but you can upload background slides and place text.

To create a book or movie trailer please view this sample online

8th Grade BookTrailer Sample Created by a Denver 8th Grader (spelling imperfect) check yours !!!

  1. Find a book you like – summarize it with a paragraph – this will be the book description
  2. Write about 8 statements that are questions that will tease the viewer like a movie preview would. Do not give the story away, but give enough background that entices the viewer to read the book. This booktrailer is an advertisement for the book. You want to get people to read it, so design your trailer accordingly considering the viewer and what might appeal to them about the story.
  3. When you are done, take a moment to read the entire piece and make sure it flows and makes sense. Write key words to help you find images that reflect those statements or parts of the book you are referring to. Such as black stallion, wind, romance etc. Whatever is relevant.
  4. Go to, Select the images TAB put in your keywords, locate images that might work – click on them – THEN YOU MUST go to FULL SIZE IMAGE to copy them into your desktop folder or drive
  5. Go to and select a theme - this is the style of the video - and the way the images will transition. Please view several and select the one that best reflects the tone of your book. There is a blank one if you prefer to be entirely original.
  6. Create your video there by uploading your images from your desktop folder first
  7. Make sure you upload background slides to type into- Google under the images tab “ backgrounds” to get some good ones - for titles or words
  8. Then you will arrange them, star them, type them, select music (please only use what is there , revise , and publish your video by following the directions on the screen..
  9. The next step is to embed your video into your website for all to see - you know where to find embed code by now by the little share icon - highlight, copy and paste it into the body of an email