8B - Social Studies Website Project

You will be creating a website on WIX or Google Sites and populating it with content from your Social Studies Class. This is worth a grade in BOTH classes. Tech class for creation and design - Social Studies for content and presentation. This project is due before Thanksgiving break. Your website will be posted on the student work website.

8B Tech Objectives:
I can ....
  • use Google sites or Wix sites to create a website, selecting a name, template and theme
  • add multiple pages
  • summarize social studies content in my own words to populate the website
  • include images relevant to subject
  • research and navigate LOC.goc and other resources to locate primary source documents (original items)
  • footnote each reference with a number
  • use EAY BIB citation maker to generate citation page in MLA format
  • create an MLA style citation page to connect each footnote with each reference
  • link navigation bar to each page
  • BONUS - embed a relevant widget, video, slideshow onto a page


  1. Select a web design tool to use for your web design
    Google Sites: Log onto your school gmail account, click on the square of dots by your name, select SITES
    WIX.COM : log on and create an account
  2. FIRST View the instructions on the links posted below - keep a tab open to reference while you design
    WIX https://www.wix.com/support/html5/getting-started/site-layout/ on how to use Wix editor
    Google SITES on How to set up a Website on Google Sites
  3. create the website following the general guidelines below
  4. create and populate Page 1 - General Overview of time period - summary
  5. create and populate Page 2- section 1 -Spanish American War - artwork, images, notes, relevant facts, quotes etc.
  6. create and populate Page 3 -same for section 2 - Trustbusting
  7. create and populate Page 4- same for section 3 -Roosevelt & Environment
  8. create and populate Page 5 - same for section 4 -Roosevelt & Conservation
  9. create and populate Page 6 -select one person who you think was particularly influential, write a bio and explain why you think so
  10. Create Page 7- Editorial Page - Question: To what extent, positive or negative, did the Spanish American War effect world history?

    CONTENT requirement : About 1200 original words total for the website, plus the citation page - similar to a paper - any quoted or pasted text does not count in that number
  11. Create Page 8 - MLA Citation page - each footnote number should correspond to a citation for that resource
    (use EASYBIB citation maker below to create)
  12. Provide Ms. Karen with the website Link to post online under student work

**Citation Maker** - This tool creates the citations for you asking for specific information you input and then it generates the perfect citation. Cut and paste it into your website OR into a word document you save for when you get to your citation page. Please do it as you go or it will be quite difficult to recreate. MLA is the style of citations that are most commonly used.