First timeeTechnology 12 week elective - 7th & 8th graders
Description: This class will be entirely project based. Each student will select about 5-10 projects from a list of options, each coded by difficulty and time requirements - most will be within their skill level and a few beyond in an effort to push everyone beyond their comfort zone. Students will be self directed and update a blog with status and concerns. Student will also generate the content for each project based upon their personal interests. This class will meet at 2:15-3:00 daily.
Instructor: Ms. Karen Bolch -
All students will:
  1. Blog weekly -access What is your project status? What problems did you incur? How did you address them? What do you need from Ms. Karen to proceed or assist?
  2. Generate a QR code and headshot flyer to hang in the hallway linking to website
  3. Use Symbaloo to create a personal digital bookmark page
  4. Create a personal information portal- netvibes or igoogle
  5. Explore ipads with Dr. McGregor - she will bring them to us for a few days to create a product on educreations
  6. Create an email account and become proficient - gmail or yahoo
  7. Learn relevant vocabulary - create a crossword puzzle for your classmates
  8. Select 5-10 projects as per your selection sheet requirements, complete, post and embed
Choices to include:
Tier 1: less time/not difficult
Tier 2: more time/harder
Tier 3: lots of time required/quite complicated
Animoto video -Booktrailer/PSA
Animoto video - What do I want to be project
Animoto with own music and voice recorded from audacity
Vocaroo –simple audio recording
Vocaroo write a speech to record
Podcast interview in teams - one sound effect
Audacity Software Tool
Podcast radio show with sound effects - teams of two
Audacity Software Tool
Photo Manipulation/iPhoto compare tools
photoshop express
Wordle/Tagxedo- word cloud generators- analysis tools - -shapes
Voicethread - virtual tour/report/topic focus/personal story Voicethread
Greenscreen newscast
Video camera - write script probably do in teams
Voki - avatar
Concept Mapping
Glogster- interactive poster- select Topic
Pic-lit poetry/word over images
Pic-Lits poetry, image interpretation, words for little ones
Glogster- interactive poster
Garage Band- music creation tool software on macs
Go/ Applications/Garage Band
My brainshark - slideshow

Music Creation Tools Online:
Popplet- concept mapping outline a project or paper or topic you are working on

Screencast - jing - teach someone how to do something screen by screen video - need to download on mac
Blabberize/Fotobabble Talking images - biographies/animals reports etc.
Small Blue Create Floor Plans
Sketchup- must be downloaded onto machine - MAC version -design a house or school -architectural design
Go/ Applications /Google Software / Sketch Up
Slideroll - stems project Complete sentence stems and generate slideshow
Sliderocket-online power point
Prezi as presentation software - compare to power point
Big Huge Labs Projects
Big Huge Labs magazine covers, trading cards with info science? discuss other options
Game - Life Simulation - exploring
Game-Google Earth - exploring
Storycreation tools
Storybird – digital story maker
Google Earth Tour Kmz files
learn how to make a tour - perhaps the seven wonders of the world or places your favorite band tours in a year
Flashcards generator
Mixbook - create a book with images and text - digital/family history?

Make beliefs comix generator
Make Beliefs Comics
Go Animate
Crossword Puzzle Generator
Frames animation software (we are buying this– create an animated movie from scratch- short video
Frames animation software (we are buying this– create an animated movie from scratch -longer video
Kidspiration - concept mapping software program in lab

Pages - iworks-need to purchase
create newletters/posters/brochures
Dance Mat Typing Practice
Sense-Lang Typing Online Typing Practice

MIT Scratch - video Game Design-download- watch videos and help section for assistance - self directed
First time sign in Game star mechanic - sign into my acct by setting yourself up
Gamestar Mechanic Sign In HERE after
Bookmarking Tools
Citation Makers
easybib -free

Kid Graph Maker Create Graphs

Keynote presentation software on ipads ? maybe able to
Special Interest - must self teach with online videos and write daily exit slips with what you did, problems you encountered and how you solved them. Must have a final product by the end of class to share. Approval required.
  • Codeacademy- coding line by line HTML
  • MIT scratch project -software must be downloaded - create video game

This class is flexible and still in the development phase - please check back for updates as we proceed.
Please take this self assessment to see if you CAN do the projects you selected: