Media Class – Middle School 8th Grade
Ms. Karen Bolch, Teacher- Librarian/Tech Integration
This class is a brief look at visual, digital, and media literacy. What is out there, how to use it, how to manage and evaluate the information that comes to us throughout the day. Our focus will be on navigation, creation and presentations tools by virtue of publishing projects. We will take the skills acquired last year and go to the next level of proficiency. This class will meet weekly for 45 minutes weekly . No class on Fridays due to uplift class.

  • Students will build on prior navigation and creation skills
  • Students will communicate digitally via posting, commenting and gmail
  • Students will use various search strategies for locating websites and images
  • Students will collaborate with Google Docs and Google tools
  • Students will create videos, edit and post their work
  • Students will determine the skills they need for high school and work towards mastery

***For Optional Project links after January 1st Click Here

Project 1
Click Here for the Link to the Google Earth Game
(by Dr. McGregor)
Google Earth Practice Document
Part 1

Part 2
Logon Username:

Tech Survey

Click here to take the survey and inform me of what you might like to learn this year :) Your log on account cards are on the table - this is to fill in the holes of your computer knowledge
Common Sense Media
Click here to access videos regarding using media and online tools -
videos for students by students

Google Docs Lessons

Click here to access your gmail account

Google Presentation Project:

Please click on this link to access the collaborative slideshow presentation



My portal site at

DPS GMAIL STUDENTS: and log in.○ Student’s name: Their six-digit student ID number and password, long bday or changes made in portal

College Project

Ms. Kristin and I are going to take you through career/college resources

Career Fair Reflection Form

Research Project

Go to the online databases Online Databases
and select a controversial topic that you feel passionate about. Do some reading to gather
facts and create a convincing argument. Then use voicethread to present your issue representing your point of view.
See full project instruction sheet.


How to comment online guide

Class Norms/Expectations
  • Respect each other, each other’s ideas and comments
  • Come on time, prepared to work and participate
  • Be present and stay seated
  • Manage your own time and work
  • Work together – collaborate/cooperate when directed to do so
  • Stay on relevant websites only
  • Use good citizenship rules for online behavior
  • Edit only your own digital portfolios pages
  • Ask for help after you have tried to solve your own problems
  • Assist each other, if requested, by showing how NOT by doing for
  • Raise your hand for teacher attention
  • Comments on projects are only of a constructive nature
  • Class continues until the bell rings—no one leaves the room
  • Follow internet district policies
  • Ask to leave for restroom
  • Sign out of accounts and log off computers when class is over
  • Fill out self assessment forms for each objective and project