Create the floorpan of your dream house !!

We will use a professional floor planning tool to create a one story dream house. Floor


I can ....
  • create an account and navigate the floor planner website
  • locate the tour and demo to learn how to use the tool thoroughly
  • I can reasonably design and divide my one story home
  • add furniture and decorate each room
  • create an entire floor with a family room, kitchen, at least one bedroom, bathroom, garage, outside space
  • take a screen shot, crop it, save it as a PNG attach it as a file and email it to Ms. Karen for posting

  1. Create an account - write down your username and password !!!
  2. Review the tour AND the demo under the SUPPORT section at the bottom of the first page
  3. Open a design
  4. think about what you like in a layout
  5. design the one story home frame including flooring - tile, rugs, wood, etc.
  6. subdivide the rooms making sure you have all the components - at least one bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, garage, outside space
  7. furnish and decorate
  8. create a outside space and landscape
  9. take a screen shot of your design - hold shift and hit prtscn button, paste it into PAINT program, select the area of your design only, crop it, save it as a PNG image, open your gmail, compose and email it to Ms. Karen, attach the PNG as a file with the paperclip and SEND for posting

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 12.00.45 PM.png