8th grade options as per survey of skills desired
All students will:
  1. Select projects - instruction sheets include rubrics, expectations, objectives for each tool
  2. Update Ms. Karen weekly regarding your project status - What problems did you incur? How did you address them? What do you need to proceed?
  3. Self assess, get embed code and post final product

Improving your typing skills:
Typing Web Program accounts set up for you if you told me you wanted this ID# is username and password
Create an Account and it will track your progress - very cool !

Audio Recording
Podcast interview in teams - one sound effect
Audacity Software Tool

Manipulating/Editing Images - Photos
photoshop express use the online editor - see help section for ideas

iPhoto software on Macs

Morphing image together try http://faceonface.net/en/morph
Try morphthing.com
See sheet of other tools available on handouts - Lots of choices - play and make one amazing one for me to post !

Art Creations
.this site is great with lots of types of art and software to generate !!

This link has some resources to further explore
Art Tools online
controversial issue research project

poetry/word over image
Pic-Lits poetry, image interpretation, words for little ones

Creating slideshow presentations
My brainshark - slideshow https://my.brainshark.com/login.aspx

Prezi as presentation software - compare to power point- see handout for how to

Animoto video http://www.animoto.com - see handout for slide notes

Slideshow with Audio on top of images
Voicethread or Blabberize or Fotobabble

Blabberize.com Talking images

Interactive poster


Greenscreen newscast - waiting for green material
.see project guidelines sheet to generate content FIRST

then write a script then practice and afterwards, you can video
Video camera - write script probably do in teams

Google Earth Tour Kmz files
learn how to make a tour - perhaps the seven wonders of the world or make a slide show of each
HOW TO tutorial to follow for instructions screen by screen

Storycreation tools
Storybird – digital story maker

Mixbook - create a book with images and text - digital/family history?


use the tools in WORD and create a book

Coding - the cool stuff ms. Mary showed you

ONE HOUR OF CODE **CODE website Ms. Mary* code.org

**CSE website Ms. Mary**

HTML coding via learning.com also an option - just go to bottom to learn HTML select the videos in order


Comic Strip generators:

Make beliefs comix generator Make Beliefs Comics

Pixton http://www.pixton.com/

Go Animatehttp://goanimate.com/

Comics Lab p Professor Garfield http://professorgarfield.org/pgf_comics_lab.html

Comic Creator - http://www.readwritethink.org/files/resources/interactives/comic/

Bitstrips http://bitstrips.com/create/comic/

Music creation tool software on macs
http://www.jamstudio.com/Studio/index.htm use my account karen_bolch@dpsk12.org password student
Garage Band- music creation tool software on macs- see help tutorials and videos
Go/ Applications/Garage Band

Frames animation software
go applications frames 5 frames
done like a flip book - lots of slides each one items are moved just a bit to generate motion
see detailed handout on how to use
I need to install it on your machine

Improve your typing skills and speed
Typingweb - account made already
Dance Mat Typing Practice
Sense-Lang Typing Online Typing Practice
Learning,.com progressive typing module on videos

Learn More about computers and tools
Learning.com - get logon cards and proceed to videos of topics that interest you - I have released the required sequence so you can choose what you need to learn instead.

Game Creation
First time sign in Game star mechanic - sign into my acct by setting yourself up
Gamestar Mechanic Sign In HERE after

These projects are flexible and are self directed and self paced. If you have other interests, please see Ms. Karen and I will do my best to find something to interest you.